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Speakersbase is an online platform for public speakers, event organizers and organizations.

Speakersbase is a start-up founded in October 2016 by four seasoned entrepreneurs. Three public speakers and an expert in website development decided to provide a solution to a need which many public speakers felt: the lack of a central platform where everything concerning public speaking can be stored. Combined with the need for an online marketplace for event organizers and public speakers, Speakersbase saw the light of day.

We help public speakers by creating a profile page that speakers can use as their online public speaking portfolio. Through their page, speakers can be booked directly. There is no exclusivity, nor are there booking fees. We are also creating an online and offline community of public speakers, called Speakers For Speakers, which aims to connect public speakers with each other and provide them with useful information about public speaking.

Our platform lets event organizers create events to book public speakers on. Are you looking for an interesting speaker for your next event? Create an event page on Speakersbase and book public speakers through our database of public speakers. You can add booked public speakers to your line-up in the event page.

Speakersbase provides different formulas for organizations that want to claim thought leadership about a certain topic. Want to learn more? Contact us: info@speakersbase.com!


Jo-Caudron-SpeakersbaseJO CAUDRON Co-founder

Jo Caudron is a serial entrepreneur with over more than 2 decades of experience in the digital sector. He is a Founding Partner at Duval Union Consulting and co-founded many other companies.  As a published author and an inspiring public speaker, Jo travels all over the world to share his insights on digital transformation.

Dado Van Peteghem on SpeakersbaseDADO VAN PETEGHEM Co-founder

As a Founding Partner at Duval Union Consulting and co-author of ‘Digital Transformation’, Dado Van Peteghem is helping companies in building sustainable digital and social strategies. He’s a frequent guest lecturer, keynote speaker and co-founder of different international startups such as Social Seeder.

Tom De Ruyck on SpeakersbaseTOM DE RUYCK Co-founder

Aside from his job as Managing Partner of InSites Consulting, Tom De Ruyck gives more than 100 keynote speeches, workshops and in-company presentations every year.  Tom has spoken in 35+ countries and on 6 continents at major business, marketing, technology and research events.

David Bintein on SpeakersbaseDAVID BINTEIN Co-founder

David Bintein is the founder and CEO of Starring Jane, an online strategy and web development company. David also founded The Hive, a co-working space in Ghent, which aims to stimulate innovation and creativity in the digital sector. With more than 20 years of experience, David is always available for sharing his strategical and technological expertise.

Tanguy Verbelen on SpeakersbaseTANGUY VERBELEN – Growth Manager

With his feeling for storytelling and his eye for design, Tanguy Verbelen manages the social channels of Speakersbase. Through his contact with the Speakersbase community, Tanguy incorporates the feedback from our speakers into the platform to guarantee  that Speakersbase is aligned with our speakers’ needs.

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