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Why messing up on stage is a good thing

It is the worst nightmare of a lot of public speakers… messing up on stage in a significant way. Not a little stumble as you go up the stairs, not tripping over the same word a couple of times, not trying to use the pointer and it does not work from the first try on. No. seriously messing up. Forgetting your entire speech and staring at the crowd in horror. Bringing the wrong slides. Consistently saying the wrong name or number and absolutely confusing the crowd.

All of these things are pretty horrible, and very difficult to come back from. Not impossible, because most people are generally very understanding and take little pleasure in seeing someone else fail. Yet feeling mortified when on stage is not conductive for a good speech. Want to know how to deal with failing and why it is a good thing? Keep on reading!

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Public Speaking Resolutions

Every year around this time the articles pop up: “Is it Bad to Make New Year’s Resolutions?” And every year, it is unclear what the conclusion is. Now here is the Speakersbase take on this hot topic… We also compiled 5 tips on how to make 2019 your best public speaking year yet!

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5 Gift Ideas for Public Speakers

Finding interesting gifts for the holidays is always a challenge. Expectations are high, all shopping places are crowded, and your inspiration is at an all-time low. You want to please everyone with a thoughtful and personalized gift, but you are at a loss. And thinking of the perfect present is especially difficult for that public speaking obsessed friend/aunt/brother/….

Because let’s face it, public speakers don’t just work as a public speakers, it is part of their identity. They are focused, they want to learn more, experience more, and grow more within their chosen profession. Nothing makes them more excited than getting a new speaking gig, and they simply cannot stop. That can make shopping a little challenging for even the most committed shopper.

So we collected a list of great gifts for public speakers! These are the kinds of presents that say “I support you, and I love seeing you grow in what you do”. And if that isn’t a thoughtful gift, nothing is.

So check out our public speaking inspired gift guide!

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8 tips to find captivating public speakers

So your company wants to host an event! And you are the lucky person that gets to search for the public speaker. Easy peasy. Okay, it might not be as easy as you think when starting the search. There are so many public speakers online, and finding someone who is both an expert on the topic that you want discussed and has a great stage presence and is available on the day of your event… can prove to be a challenge.

Of course there are the well-known ways of finding a speaker, like asking your network. But that a) always brings the same people on your company stage, and b) creates no wow-effect at all! The reason you are here is because you want to suggest someone completely brand new, isn’t it?

We know how challenging it can be to find the perfect public speaker for an event, we compiled this list with 8 tips!

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