Stavros Papagianneas is a senior communications expert with a passion for the future of Europe. He answered our Call for Speakers and entered a whirlwind of events that put him on a plane within 24 hours! Speakersbase interviewed him to find out how that happened.

Hi Stavros, thank you for doing this interview with us!

No problem!

Why did you join Speakersbase and how long have you been on the platform?

I joined a year ago because I think it is one of the most interesting platforms for public speakers in Belgium. Right now, I am Belgium based, so I thought it would be useful for me. I also enjoy the  growing international network that Speakersbase has.

Did you know of the Call for Speakers before replying to the Call?

No. I got the e-mail, saw that it was a last minute Call for Speakers, and decided to go for it.

I’ve been contacted on October 3rd 2017, and the event was the 4th and 5th of October!

Pretty last minute!

Yeah! (laughs)

Why did you decide to apply?

I was available, and I thought it was an interesting conference in Romania. IMWORLD is one of the biggest internet conferences, and I published a book on the topic of internet and online communications, “Powerful Online Communication” (London – Copenhagen, 2016). So it would be a great opportunity.

At what time did you receive confirmation that you were chosen?

Fast… the same day!

That evening I received confirmation of the speech, flight, hotel,… everything was handled very professionally and contact was easy. We swapped a lot of emails back and forth.

Luckily I am well-prepared and everything was ready (laughs).

When did you need to take a plane?

The day after the confirmation, so October 4th.

What time did you arrive in Romania?

Local time… around midnight. Everything went very smoothly! Someone picked me up with a car and dropped me off at the hotel.

What time did you get at the event and what time did you get on stage?

They sent a taxi to take me to conference and we arrived there at 10 AM.  My keynote speech was at 4 PM, so I had a lot of time to experience the event. I went to see several other speakers and presentations. All very interesting! I joined in some debates, which were enlightening.

Good food too! (laughs)

How did the entire experience feel to you?

Very enriching and quite unique. It was a blitz event for me! I was in Romania for about 24 hours, that was rather extraordinary. I saw nothing of the city, which is a pity, so I hope they contact me again! (laughs)

What stood out the most to you in the whole process?

The speed of decisions! Everything was ready to go and everyone was so professional. I enjoyed being in Bucharest as well, though I would love to visit longer. It was a great chance to be at such an event.

Would you apply again?

I would!

Do you have any advice for others who want to apply?

Hmm let me see… Be prepared at all times, even for last minute calls! Have your presentation updated. Check it often. Have your short bio and picture ready to go. Be flexible.

Thank you so much for your time Stavros!

Stavros Papagianneas has been contacted by IMWorld again after his “blitz experience” in Bucharest.