3 steps to giving a kickass presentation with Tammie Kip

May 15, 2019 | Knowledgebase, Wednesday Wisdom

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Just Believe – Believe in your message, believe in your ability, believe in yourself…

3 steps to giving a kickass presentation

Think about some of the most effective speakers you’ve ever heard.  They could be from a Ted Talk, a conference, seminar or world-famous leaders, actors or artists.  Now think about some the qualities of these speakers.  What things do they have in common?  When I reflect on the speakers I admire, it is clear to me that they are all very passionate.  They each have a message or messages they want to share.  They are confident, strong and capable and as a result, they are captivating, inspiring and motivating.  When I think about these characteristics, these traits and abilities and how they come to be, it is clear that the common thread that intertwines these unique individuals are their beliefs.  I am not talking about religious or societal beliefs.  I am talking about what they believe about themselves, about their message and their abilities.  The more we believe in our ability to accomplish something, the more we will create the necessary behaviour(s) to get there.  This goes for everything in life including our ability to get up on stage and knock it out of the park!

We can all be taught and learn about the technical elements of speaking, how to construct an interesting story, what body language to use, how to address an audience and control the ums and ahs of our talk but what cannot be taught, what must come from within is what we believe.

1. Believe in your message

Passion alone will take a talk from “just fine” to “sublime”!  The more we believe in the message we are trying to convey, the more passionate we are about it.  As a natural by-product of our passion, our words will come across authentic, our delivery charismatic and the message even inspiring.   If you do not believe in what you are trying to share with others, how can you ever expect them to believe in you?  When thinking about what to speak on, think about what you are passionate about, remembering passion is a broad scope, you can be passionate about many things at the same time and different things at varying times in your life.

2. Believe in your ability

We are all gifted in our respective areas of strength.  Believing in ourselves and our ability is the first step in achieving our dreams.  If your dream is to be a world-renowned speaker then start by identifying your areas of strength and work to develop your strength zone.  Often times, people focus on developing their weaknesses which is counter-intuitive.   We should develop our strengths and compensate for our weaknesses.  For example, let’s say you have a wonderful voice and a natural ability to take the stage with ease (although somewhat unpolished) however you struggle with writing.  You can be comfortable on stage but if the message isn’t clear or articulated in a way the audience can resonate with, you are wasting your skills.  In this case, perhaps you work on developing your stage presence to enhance your strength and work with a writer to create the message.  This allows you the time to focus on and develop your strength without having the stress of finding the right words.  The message is and always will belong to you, you’re just getting a little help to put the words around it.  And who knows, after some support with this, it may become another of your strength zones in the future!

3. Believe in yourself

Self-limiting beliefs and self-doubt are the biggest obstacles we face in achieving our goals and dreams. This can even occur despite proven records of accomplishment and past successes. Whether or not you have done work on quashing those beliefs, they can and do come back from time to time. When they do, we must recognize them for what they are—pure nonsense. We must take time to reflect on why they are showing up in our lives at the time they are, acknowledge the feelings they are provoking and allow ourselves to release them, as they are not serving us.  When these thoughts crop up, self-talk will help you quash them.  As soon as they appear, negate them by telling yourself – you are passionate and knowledgeable about the topic, confident in your ability and have a message to share.  Those pesky self-limiting beliefs will be gone in no time!

Whether presenting a 10-minute talk to a handful of people or a keynote presentation to a room filled with thousands, believe in your message, believe in your ability, believe in yourself and you will kill it every time!

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