Finding interesting gifts for the holidays is always a challenge. Expectations are high, all shopping places are crowded, and your inspiration is at an all-time low. You want to please everyone with a thoughtful and personalized gift, but you are at a loss. And thinking of the perfect present is especially difficult for that public speaking obsessed friend/aunt/brother/….

Because let’s face it, public speakers don’t just work as a public speakers, it is part of their identity. They are focused, they want to learn more, experience more, and grow more within their chosen profession. Nothing makes them more excited than getting a new speaking gig, and they simply cannot stop. That can make shopping a little challenging for even the most committed shopper.

So we collected a list of great gifts for public speakers! These are the kinds of presents that say “I support you, and I love seeing you grow in what you do”. And if that isn’t a thoughtful gift, nothing is.

So check out our public speaking inspired gift guide!

  1. Books on public speaking

There is a lot out there when it comes to public speaking books. Varying from “public speaking 101” type books to public speaking tips based on great speakers, or books written by and for experts, there is surely a book that your gift-target needs to have. Just spend a little time figuring out where they are in their career, and you will surely nail it!

If there is one thing all public speakers have in common, it is a desire to learn more. All of them want to gain new insights and understand details better. Their passion for knowledge is why they do what they do! So take your time to browse the internet and local book store and see if you can that perfect book.

  1. Public speaking electronics

Just about all public speakers are slightly obsessed with tools that will assist them on stage. Whether that is a new laser pointer/clicker combination, a digital camera to record their speeches with, or an USB drive to stuff a stocking with… You really cannot go wrong with these! There are some speakers that prefer to go “tool free” on stage, but even they can use a voice recorder to check their own pace and sound when rehearsing.

Combine these tools with a cool card to set the stage (get it?), and there is no way they will not appreciate your present.

  1. Tickets

We all know that concert tickets can be very expensive and might seem like a splurge for yourself. The same goes with big events and conferences where some of the top of the public speaking world gathers. If you happen to know that your gift-giving target is eyeing a particular conference, and you have a rather large budget, you might just go all out and get them a ticket. At a lower price point you could consider a local event like a workshop or inspirational session on something they are interested in.

  1. Books of speeches

This is not the same as the public speaking books mentioned in n°1! With these kinds of books is meant the collected speeches of some of the great writers, states(wo)men, and orators of our history. There are very little public speakers who would not appreciate such a collection.

Reading amazing speeches is not only informative on a public speaking level, but they will also get to appreciate powerful literary skills. If you chose this type of book right, your target will have fun studying the collection for hours.

  1. Suggest them as a speaker

Okay, this one might just be a little risky. You need to know they are available, have a good grasp of what they speak about, know some details… But it is very cool! A lot of events have an open application where you can suggest someone else than yourself as a keynote speaker, and if you do it right, they might get a call saying they got a speaking opportunity!

Not only is this as a gift super flattering if they get the job, but you are giving them new experience, exposure, and money! It really does not get any better for a public speaker.

If you happen to need to go gift shopping for the one public speaker who has it all, just get them a cool onesie. Because all public speakers love lounging at home after a successful speech!