So your company wants to host an event! And you are the lucky person that gets to search for the public speaker. Easy peasy. Okay, it might not be as easy as you think when starting the search. There are so many public speakers online, and finding someone who is both an expert on the topic that you want discussed and has a great stage presence and is available on the day of your event… can prove to be a challenge.

Of course there are the well-known ways of finding a speaker, like asking your network. But that a) always brings the same people on your company stage, and b) creates no wow-effect at all! The reason you are here is because you want to suggest someone completely brand new, isn’t it?

We know how challenging it can be to find the perfect public speaker for an event, we compiled this list with 8 tips!

  1. Post on social media

We are living in a digital age, and just about all public speakers are on LinkedIn and Facebook these days. So if you post a message saying you are looking for speakers, you are bound to get some response. Whether that is from someone you never thought to ask in your network suggesting someone, or a public speaker contacting you! If you urge your network to share it with their connections as well, your chances of finding a speaker increase even more.

  1. Use the Speakersbase Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers

Speakersbase has a super convenient tool called the Call for Speakers that will help you find the perfect public speaker for your event. The selection of public speakers that are experts in whatever topic you like, as well as their availability and suitable price point is checked for you. All you have to do is contact the speaker you want to invite! Take a look at the Call for Speakers here.

  1. Check YouTube for presentations

TED(x) talks are always posted on YouTube, and lots of public speakers upload keynotes they did. They know that a lot of event organizers like to see their presenting style and stage presence before agreeing on a deal. So use that to your advantage and watch some snippets of keynotes! Even if you do not find your dream speaker, you most likely learned something interesting

  1. Make a post on your company’s website

A lot of public speakers are browsing the internet themselves, looking for speaking opportunities. So by making a blog post or an ad on your website you increase the chance of someone contacting you with a proposal! Just make sure to make your post search engine proof by adding the right tags and keywords. Now sit back and relax! Though it pays to try several of these tips 😉

  1. Browse Speakersbase

With over 1700 public speakers on the platform, it definitely pays to take a look! You can search by name, or by topic. If you just know the topic you want talked about, search that. With the filters you can narrow down your search, and then you can browse portfolios! If you already have someone in mind, it pays to contact them through the platform, since the booking request you fill in gives all necessary information to the speaker. That way, they’ll know quickly if they are available and fit the requested price point you have in mind. Just be sure to be thorough when filling in the form, and you’ll book that public speaker in no time!

  1. Search for reviews

This tip is for when you have a couple of names already. By checking reviews on LinkedIn, their Speakersbase portfolio, or their own website, you can definitely get a good feel of the type of presentations they do. Perhaps most importantly, you get to read the impact of the speaker on the audience! A speaker that has managed to spark discussion and a changed mindset, is a speaker that has something to say. And reviews are a great way to figure that out.

  1. Use an agency

When googling something like “how to find a public speaker”, the first couple of pages are all agencies. So it is worth taking a look, though be careful that you are not getting over-charged! Agencies often add administrative costs to the booking fee of the public speaker, causing you to pay more. However, browsing their website and getting inspired cannot hurt! And some agencies do have some great public speakers in their portfolio that you are definitely willing to spend the extra buck on.

  1. Find big names’ friends

Okay, this can be a challenge. Often, you know a couple of big public speaking names, and you know they are amazing. However, you want to get off the beaten path? The trick is to search in their network. Who are they tagging on LinkedIn? Whose posts are they commenting on? By looking into those people, you might just find a great public speaker you never heard of before! Admittedly, this tip is a little time-consuming, but I promise it pays off.

So here they are, our 8 tips on how to make finding a public speaker easier! We’ll keep your fingers crossed that you find who you are looking for. Good luck!