About Speakersbase

About Speakersbase


Speakersbase is a platform that connects public speakers and event organizers.

Speakersbase was founded in late 2016 with one goal in mind: to connect public speakers and event organizers with each other. For free. By connecting both parties on one platform, Speakersbase has become a very powerful tool for event organizers to find the right public speaker for their event.

On the platform, public speakers can create an online public speaking portfolio for free. This way, Speakersbase enables them to share their public speaking activities with their audience and event organizers. By keeping their profile up to date with their public speaking activities, we help them to establish themselves as true thought leaders in their field of expertise. If you’d like, you can create your portfolio here!

If you’re looking to book a public speaker, you can use the search function or you can launch a Call For Speakers. By doing so, you can save weeks worth of your time to find the right public speaker. Our super targeted search ensures that you receive a list of at least three (but usually a lot more!) public speakers who are available, speak on your requested topic, and fall within your budget.


Jo-Caudron-SpeakersbaseJO CAUDRON Co-founder

Jo Caudron is a serial entrepreneur with over more than 2 decades of experience in the digital sector. He is a Founding Partner at Duval Union Consulting and co-founded many other companies.  As a published author and an inspiring public speaker, Jo travels all over the world to share his insights on digital transformation.

Dado Van Peteghem on SpeakersbaseDADO VAN PETEGHEM Co-founder

As a Founding Partner at Duval Union Consulting and co-author of ‘Digital Transformation’, Dado Van Peteghem is helping companies build sustainable digital and social strategies. He’s a frequent guest lecturer, keynote speaker and co-founder of different international startups such as Social Seeder.

Tom De Ruyck on SpeakersbaseTOM DE RUYCK Co-founder

Aside from his job as Managing Partner of InSites Consulting, Tom De Ruyck gives more than 100 keynote speeches, workshops and in-company presentations every year.  Tom has spoken in 35+ countries and on 6 continents at major business, marketing, technology and research events.

David Bintein on SpeakersbaseDAVID BINTEIN Co-founder

David Bintein is the founder and CEO of Starring Jane, an online strategy and web development company. He also founded The Hive, a co-working space in Ghent, which aims to stimulate innovation and creativity in the digital sector. With more than 20 years of experience, David is always available for sharing his strategical and technological expertise.

LILI VAN BELLE – Content Creator

While Lili is just starting out as a copywriter and content creator, she has always had a passion for language and literature. With a TEDx talk and a Master’s degree in Comparative Modern Literature behind her belt, Lili is happy to create all kinds of new content for Speakersbase.

JOHNNY BEIRNE – Ireland & UK Manager

With over 20 years in online business experience, Johnny Beirne represents Speakersbase in Ireland and the UK. Johnny is developing the Speakersbase Academy of online courses in addition to working directly with speakers on their online courses.

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