Speakersbase brings strategic investor on board

Feb 20, 2019 | News

Speakersbase, now Europe’s leading community for public speakers & event organizers, has just announced that Athenas (known as A-Speakers in the UK/US, and a part of Opus Group) is stepping on board as an investor. The investment is in line with the ambitious growth plans of both Speakersbase and Athenas. The company, headquartered in Denmark and with several offices in Europe and the US, is one of the largest speaker agencies in the world.

“We could not be more excited” states Dado Van Peteghem, Co-Founder of Speakersbase. “This partnership will really accelerate our growth. We expect to triple our speaker community in the next 12 months. As an investor, Athenas and A-Speakers are perfectly positioned to connect us with a wide range of speakers. Speakers looking for professional advice and help with their personal branding & content marketing.”

Additionally, Athenas’ sister company Speakersloft is also getting involved in the partnership. Speakersloft specializes in big data analysis to generate speaking industry trends and insights.

Søren Kristensen (CEO of Opus Group) explains, “The unique insights of Speakersloft into what’s ‘hot or not’ in the speaking world globally will give a boost to the Speakersbase team of Speaker Producers and their capabilities to coach and promote speakers. The trend analysis will also help Speakersbase to continuously improve their offering to the members of its digital learning Academy. We will also launch ‘Speaker Trend Reports’ as a new part of our joint offering”.

About Speakersbase

Speakersbase was founded in 2016 by Jo Caudron, Dado Van Peteghem, David Bintein and Tom De Ruyck. Four digital innovators who saw the opportunity, being speakers and event organizers themselves, to revolutionize the speaker market in Europe. Speakersbase.com is growing into the platform where speakers can create a strong online presence and find professional services to improve their skills via the Speakersbase digital learning Academy. As well as being professionally promoted by the Speakersbase team of ‘Speaker Producers’. Event organizers can find and book speakers for their small in-company event or big public conference in an efficient way. By making use of the platform’s search engine and the Speakersbase ‘Call for Speakers’. Speakersbase has the ambition to become the go-to platform for everything a speaker or event organizer might need.