Be more high-energy on stage

Mar 20, 2019 | Public Speaking

It is something everyone in the crowd dreads, and something that makes all public speakers cringe: a speaker on stage that… just… stands there. It is even worse when that public speaker rambles through their text. Is there anything more sleep-inducing than a public speaker who recites their perfectly memorized speech while standing completely still? Probably not. However, you usually can tell that this person has put in a lot of effort to prepare for this speech.

Great slides, well-written speech, great memorization. What is lacking?

These types of public speakers are so caught up in their text and slides that they forget that a great speech draws in the audience. If the audience is not captivated, none of your preparations and beautiful slides will have any effect. And to captivate an audience you need to draw them in within the first minutes, and recapture them continuously during your talk. One of the most effective ways to do that is to up your energy.

Here you will find three easy to incorporate tips that will help you be more high-energy on stage. You will feel better, and your audience will be more attentive!

1. Practice your speech high-energy

You would not believe the amount of public speakers that practice their speech by memorize it while sitting down. They read it out loud to themselves. And that’s it. However, muscle memory is very real.

It is so important to practice your speech like you want to give it. Stand up. Use intonation! Especially when you get nervous before going on stage it is critical to learn the speech like you intend it. So when those nerves creep in, you can fall back on your practice. And that practice has to be like a high-energy badass, and not a stiff robot!

2. Get excited

Before you step on stage, you need to get yourself excited. Some people prefer to sit and focus, which is great, but most public speakers benefit from a little hype session. By driving your energy up you will ready when you go up.

Getting excited or high-energy is not the same as getting hyper, so don’t think you need to be jumping up and down! Some ways to get your energy up is talking to someone who knows you well and who will be excited for you. It can be telling yourself out loud you are going to do great. It can be smiling widely in the mirror. Studies show that smiling, even when you are not actually happy, releases endorphins and serotonin which makes you excited and relaxed!

3. The three-step rule

Now, once you are actually on stage and you want to move around, make sure you always take more than two steps. If you keep taking one step forward and then one back, you appear to be wobbling. It looks nervous, uncertain, and over-all not high-energy. Related to this is moving your arms with determination by releasing your elbow from your torso. So stand up straight, use your body with focus, and walk.

These are quick little tips that can help anyone to become more high-energy, and to deliver better speeches. All tips relate to a different moment in the speech-cycle: preparation, the moment right before the speech, and on stage. Don’t be afraid to give them a try!

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