Call for Content Contributors

Do you want to get some additional promotion and exposure? YES!

Then we have a new opportunity for you.


Marnick Vandebroek

Michelle Carvill

Suyin Aerts

Cyriel Kortleven

What is a Content Contributor?

A Content Contributor is someone that provides us with some speaker-related expertise in the form of an article, video or free guide. We only ask that the content be useful and actionable for speakers.

Why should you become a Content Contributor?

All the content provided by approved Content Contributors will be promoted and shared on our blog, email campaigns and all our social media channels.

Benefits of this will include:

  1. Promoting your content will promote you as an expert speaker
  2. We will include a link to your Speakersbase Portfolio
  3. We will include a link to your website (which will improve your Google Ranking)
  4. Your content will be in our emails to our 2000+ members
  5. Your content will get a shoutout on our podcast
  6. You may also include any events, offers or lead magnets that you wish to promote

How often can you contribute?

Once we both can see benefits from the content that you contribute, you can do so as often as you wish. 

How to become a Content Contributor?

Simply register your interest in becoming a Content Contributor using this form and we will contact you directly.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Speaking Skills
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Online Course Creation