Episode 26: Great Speaker Insights from Kelly Tyler & Helena Holrick

Apr 30, 2019 | Knowledgebase, Podcast

Hello and welcome to episode 26 of the Speakersbase podcast.

We have 2 guests on the show today. Kelly Tyler & Helena Holrick of Speaker Insight.

Kelly & Helena have been working with speakers, authors & coaches for many years as they collectively have a history of running a speaker agency, a publishing house & training consultancies… and they are both speakers, authors & coaches so they understand the industry from both sides!
They are passionate about helping Changemakers like you to build a business On YOUR TERMS.
They find so many aren’t earning enough, reaching a wide enough audience or standing out from their competition, and so they teach you how to do all of this while not burning out and still having a social life!
To join their weekly training sessions, go to facebook.com/speakerinsight and to be part of their community you should go to facebook.com/groups/TheConnectionHub/

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