It might seem too obvious to even state, but here at Speakersbase, we love public speaking. However, we know that not all company leaders love it. So they only engage in public speaking when they must, like in meetings or the annual company event. But they are missing out on great opportunities to grow their brand and company!

We not only believe that public speaking is a great way to boost your credibility and reputation as a brand, we can explain why! So even if you don’t enjoy public speaking, it might be worth your while to give it a go!

  1. A human face

With all the possibilities of social media, customers have become accustomed to and are enjoying behind the scenes information. For example, Kim Kardashian. Think what you will of her, but she and her makeup brand are worth $350 million dollar. One of the things that is making her make-up brand big are her Instagram stories. In these stories she shows her social media following the products before they are released. People get curious and see some of the products before (potentially negative) reviews are coming out.

However, not everyone has a following that is interested in their every move, so public speaking is a way of showing the human face of your brand to your customers. Whether you are building a connection with them or are showing your product, people enjoy knowing the face behind the brand. Even when you are speaking from a more traditional stage, the audience becomes more familiar with you, something with generally positive results!

  1. Thought leader

Within your own community of peers, you can use public speaking to establish yourself as a thought leader in the field. By sharing some of your insights and experiences, people will know you have expertise. They will not have to trust your LinkedIn profile but see for themselves.

It is especially useful for start-ups! Working on your thought leadership helps you get more warm leads and work on your employer branding. People need to know about you before they can work with or for you! One way to work on getting on stage when you are unsure where to start is through the Speakersbase premium offering. We’ll help you establish where your strengths lie and how you can work on your thought leadership. Just send us an email for more information!

  1. Word of mouth

The oldest type of advertising in the world, and still one of the most effective. By impressing the people in the room, you will expand your reach far beyond them. A good and informative presentation on a relevant topic is something people talk about.

Potential clients do not trust advertisements, they trust other people. If those people are someone they trust, and they speak about you in a positive way, they are more likely to be interested. They will approach your brand and company with an open mind. So public speaking creates free advertising and perhaps even new customers.

  1. New connections

Public speaking is can also lead to new connections that might lead to future employees, customers, and prospective business partners. How so? Most events have a networking event attached to it, and when you were one of the speakers, less introductions will be needed!

So where networking events are always interesting to attend, you will find that events where you were the public speaker often lead to more new connections and leads. Use those networking moments when you are fresh in everyone’s mind to strike up conversation and meet new people!

  1. Memorable

It is a lot easier to remember a brand you have attended a 20 minute speech of than if you have seen an online advertisement while scrolling. Using the time that is given to you can be incredibly lucrative!

By making a positive impression on your audiences you can create future clients both online and offline. Looking up your brand later to freshen up their memories or to get more information is a lot easier when you feel like you can trust the brand. Especially compared with how suspicious a lot of people are of advertisements.

So make sure to clearly brand your slide deck, and to give a good speech! But even if you don’t, messing up on stage can actually be a good thing! Wonder how? Read this blog post on why!

If you are interested in creating your free public speaking profile, you can do so here!