First of all, we can’t thank you enough for creating a profile on It’s great to see that so many public speakers from different countries are becoming a part of the Speakersbase community. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your Speakersbase profile!

We went through all your profiles (yes, we actually did!) to see how you are using your profile. A lot of you went all-in on creating the best profile you can. But some of you still had some difficulties with filling out their profile. Here are three questions you should ask yourself before sharing the hell out of your Speakersbase profile on social media.

1. Is Your Profile Picture on Point?

Just like on other platforms, having a good profile picture is essential. Your profile picture reflects who you are and what you do. As far as first impressions go on online platforms, your profile picture is the most important tool to introduce yourself! Use a picture in which you’re performing as a public speaker. If you don’t have such picture, use a profile picture you use on LinkedIn, Twitter or even Facebook.

PRO TIP: Add multiple photo’s to the ‘Media Library‘. This gives evidence that you’re speaking regularly on events. It’s also easy for event organizers to choose the right HiRes picture for announcing you on their event after they’ve booked you!

2. Is It Clear What I Do?

Now, almost every platform has a ‘About Me’ section. And for a good reason! You can only gain the attention of the visitor of your Speakersbase profile with your profile picture. The ‘About Me’ section is meant to persuade event organizers in believing you are the right public speaker for their event.

PRO TIP: Think of your ‘About Me’ section as a presentation. Don’t copy-paste your LinkedIn summary of what you do. Present yourself with a clear beginning, middle and ending. Doing so, you’ll persuade event organizers to book you in no time!

3. Is My Event Feed Up To Date?

Your event feed is the place where you can provide content to your profile. You can add images, slideshows, podcasts or even YouTube video’s to your event feed. This will show that you’re a public speaker that’s dedicated. Event organizers are more likely to book a public speaker on Speakersbase when their last post on their event feed was a few days ago (instead of a few months)!

PRO TIP: When you’ve spoken at an event, add something about it on your event feed. Whether it’s an update, a picture or just your slides, be sure to make a habit out of it! This only takes a few seconds, but you’ll gain more from it if you update regularly.

PRO TIP 2: If you’ve uploaded something on your event feed, don’t forget to share it on your social media. “Too much effort”, you say? Not at all! We’ve specifically built a share button that helps you share your updates in seconds!

Let us know you’ve created a Speakersbase profile via our Twitter  page and we’ll help you get it out there!