[VIDEO] How to Make Money as a Speaker with Marnick Vandebroek

May 2, 2019 | Knowledgebase, Thursday Talk Tip

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Tip No.1 – Speak For FREE

if you’re starting out, speaking for free is the only thing you got. You have no experience, you have no value. People don’t know you, so you go to these small events, you speak for free and you start building a brand. You test, you learn. You might fail a bit, but it doesn’t matter. Nobody cares and people will forget quickly. Once you get the hang of it, then pick one or two key events. Also do them for free to get in there and once you’re in, rock the hell out of them because those events will launch your speaker brands. People will just start talking, know your value, you’re getting a name and then you can put a price on that name.

Tip No. 2 – Start Asking for Money

Tip number two is just start asking for money. Sounds easy, but for a lot of people it’s a really big step. Once you start asking for money, you put a couple of hundred euros on it in the beginning and you start testing your value as you grow as a speaker, as you’re booking start coming in, you start testing your price. If people give you a lot of resistance, you know your price is too high versus the value or it’s not entirely clear that you’re actually a great speaker. Once people start approving and are happy to pay for it and your bookings keep rising, then you notice a good equality between the price that you’re asking and the value that you’re bringing and then it’s actually clear to event organizers or companies that you are really the guy or girl to have on stage

Tip No.3 – Partner with Your Client (The Event Organiser)

Tip number three is something a lot of speakers don’t do or forget to do is you’re not just a speaker. You are a partner to your client, event organizers. A lot of work goes into organizing an event or an internal strategy day or wherever you’re going to take the stage and it’s good that you’re rocking your stage, but it’s also a lot of prep work, so if you can assist in sharing it what your network, getting them some videos, you don’t have to do their entire marketing but showed them that we want to help in any way possible to make the event a success. Before you even take the stage, you will build trust. You will build a long term relationship. Your value will grow and potentially your budget.


One, speak for free key events to launch your career. Number two, actually ask for money. Start testing what people are willing to pay for the value that you’re bringing a number tree partner with your clients. And if you do these three things, there’s just only one thing you can do and that’s bigger rigging.

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