How to turn your talk into a Lead Magnet

May 6, 2019 | Knowledgebase, Monday Marketing

Have you ever considered turning your talk into a lead magnet to help grow your email list?

Here is a simple set of steps you can follow to do just that.

We also have an online course which will walk you through all these steps. You must have a Speakersbase account to keep free access to this course.

Step 1.

Record your talk with your own lapel mic and your phone. If the event organiser is recording your talk, then you could ask them for a copy.

You could also record yourself practising your talk and edit that recording.

Step 2.

Edit the audio with Audacity which is free or hire a freelancer to edit it for you.

Step 3.

Upload the audio (or video) to Temi which will transcribe the file. You can then proofread and edit the document accordingly. 

Step 4.

Create your book cover image with Canva (or PowerPoint) and use DIY Book Design to create a 3D version of the cover.

Step 5.

Upload your guide as a PDF to your website or use Amazon S3. This will provide you with the download link you can send to those who subscribe.

Step 6.

Add the image of your guide to your website together with a subscription form that connects to your email autoresponder.