Yasmin Dewilde is Founder en CEO of WeAreLions. With her team of coaches she sets people free from the mind prisons they created for themselves. Their focus is person-driven and down to earth spirituality, keeping your head out of the clouds. In the past, she has studied with Tony Robbins, the well-known and highly-regarded motivational speaker. She came by Speakersbase, and we had an enlightened conversation. Take a look!


The story that Yasmin tells is not something that she picked up from someone else. She has lived it. “For a long time I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. My mind would not stop turning, and the only relief was going to bed. I was not in a good place.” So she decided to take a trip into her own psyche. She decided to take Ayahuasca . This plant medicine has a long tradition in Peru, and is said to bring out one’s own subconscious. “The tea made me sick, but I understood that I was purging my emotions that I did not want to admit I had. It really did help me to clear up what I wanted: getting out of my routine and comfort zone.”

“The most difficult thing I had to understand, and that many people fail to understand, is that there is no trying, only doing. The doors of our mental prisons are open, we are just comfortable in the safety of its walls. We know the thoughts and people inside, and are afraid of what might be out there. Yet out there, outside of your comfort zone, freedom lies.”

Breaking free from the comfort zone 

So to get out of her comfort zone, Yasmin quit her job, and decided to go to the airport with her backpack, and pick a destination. She had not idea where she wanted to go, but she ended up in the south of Spain. There, she spent time in nature, by herself. “I confronted myself there. It was not pretty, there was no sudden seeing of the light, just working hard to figure out what I wanted.”

After hitch hiking back to Belgium, Yasmin transformed her mindset, and with her company WeAreLions she now dedicates her life to helping others to get out of their comfort zones. “The most important thing is becoming aware of your thought patterns. People live the same life every day, and their thoughts are not that different. Yet all thoughts come from a collective thought cloud, and everything is within reach. Become aware that your mind can be free as well as your body. All we have to do is become aware of the thoughts that rule you and that make up your identity.”

Public speaking

When it comes to public speaking, Yasmin has a lot of experience. “We are born story-tellers. All communication is based on stories. So opening up to more people at once might seem scary, but there is no reason to be scared! You want to tell your story, right? Then just keep pushing forward to get on those stages. Everything can be learned, and public speaking is no different.”

As a final piece of wisdom, Yasmin shared this with us: “It really matters to be open to possibilities. Keep an open mind! People and moments will show up if you put out your intentions.”

You can check her out on her website!