Make the most of your Speakersbase portfolio!

Mar 6, 2019 | Help

So, you want to create a Speakersbase portfolio! Or perhaps you already have one, but are not really seeing an increase in bookings. It is important to realize that you are not the only one on the platform, and that everyone is competing for attention. So how to stand out?

1. Use a recognizable photo

There is a surprising number of public speakers who use a cartoon or an artistic shot as their profile photo. Something like that definitely sets you apart, but it does not replace an actual photo. No matter how cool the profile sketch is, consider using a good head shot or photo of you speaking instead. Event organizers like knowing who they are booking! Especially if you have no other photos in your media library of your face.

2. Use a banner photo

While Speakersbase provides a pretty neat-looking standard banner photo, it is advisable to fill that space (with) yourself. The banner space is a big eye-catcher. Popular and good choices include: a further-away shot that shows you speaking on a stage, a quote that captures you, a promotional visual of your book, keynote, company… There are many other options, but using that fairly large space to showcase what you got is a good idea!

3. Write an activating bio

So many… TOO many public speakers just copy-paste their LinkedIn bio. Your LinkedIn is filled with your personal and professional accomplishments, which is great.However, there is a reason why you decided to have a separate public speaking portfolio. By writing a bio that is unique and focused on your public speaking accomplishments, you market yourself as a public speaker. What do you speak about? Why are you an expert on this topic? Why should event organizers pick you? Do not clutter your bio with all of your professional accomplishments, but focus on your public speaking accomplishments.

4. Use the feed

It is such a waste not to use the feed! In the feed, you can post your tweets, YouTube videos of some of your keynotes, original articles on any topic you like… It really is up to you! And with the share button, you can share all this great content on all your other social media too. Keeping your feed updated shows your current interests and occupations. Posting things is an easy access way for event organizers to see the events, talk shows,… you have been on. All this relevant content helps establish your expertise, knowledge and involvement.

5. Fill your media library

It is so important to upload some high resolution photos of yourself in a professional setting. Additionally, a scan of an article mentioning you, some slides, or even pictures you took at an event you attended find their place in your media library. You can also add your professional bio, a summary of your topic,.. in the documents section. So when an event organizer asks you to send those things over, you can just send them the link of your portfolio! No more hassle with adding several document to an e-mail and hoping you are not forgetting anything important.

6. Ask for reviews

Reviews are essential for bookings. A review shows that someone took time out of their day to reflect on your performance. A good review proves that you have spoken at events before and that you did well. Almost no one buys without reading the reviews, so why should event organizers hire you without reviews? Consider going back to previous events your spoke at and asking them to write a review on your portfolio. This will help you bulk up!

7. List your upcoming events

Listing the next few gigs you got shows two things: a) you are in high demand, b) you are organized and have a good grip on your schedule. Both are commendable qualities in a public speaker! On top of that, the events that have passed are saved automatically on your portfolio as “past events”, so people can look back and see all the cool stages you spoke at. And let’s be real, it does not hurt to show that people want to book you!

8. Link your social media

When creating your profile you have the option to add links to your other social media. Add all that are relevant to your public speaking career! Perhaps don’t add your private Instagram, but do add your Twitter if you post about relevant topics.

9. Share on social media

And finally, the most important tip of all: share your Speakersbase portfolio once in a while on your other social media. If people do not know that you can be booked through the platform, they might not find you there! Especially those among you that have not yet established a name for yourself, it is important to let people know that you speak professionally! And after taking a look at your well-filled portfolio that showcases who you are and what you do, your chances of being booked are exponentially higher!