Speakersbase is happy to announce that we have started with our PRO project! In it, we will be helping a small selection of hand-picked experts to get on stage more. Get to know the PROs! Today: Alain Thys!

Alain Thys is a household name when it comes to customer-centricity and consumer behaviour. He has almost 25 years of experience in the corporate field, and is using that experience to teach good practice. So why customer-centricity? “Personally, it’s extremely rewarding to know that every customer’s experience that gets improved means that there is one more person on the planet has one more agreeable moment in their life. It may sound corny, but that also puts a smile on my face. Business-wise, it’s also rewarding as over the years I’ve learned that focusing on the customer is by far the most profitable strategy a business can follow.”

What do they say behind your back?

“The saying goes that a brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. In this context, my work is all about making sure that people say good things. I do this by helping companies build the customer-centric capabilities required to design, deliver and innovate great customer experiences. And to then leverage these experiences into higher profits and strong word-of-mouth.” And what people say about Alain Thys is nothing but good.

Alain is a captivating and motivating public speaker, who offers concrete and valuable insights. “For me, there’s nothing like connecting with an audience on a topic both you and they are passionate about. Every time I go out there, my goal is to provide as many people as possible with a new insight, or a spark of inspiration that moves them to action. When you can see that spark reflected in their eyes, it just feels great to know that you’ve made a contribution. So by working on customer-centricity, I am experience fulfilment, while helping those I work with to make more money.  Win-win!”

We are happy to work with Alain, and we’ll be keeping you posted on his public speaking and other work!