Speakersbase is happy to announce that we have started with our PRO project! In it, we will be helping a small selection of hand-picked experts to get on stage more. Get to know the PROs! Today: Benoit van Cauwenberghe!

Benoit Van Cauwenberghe is quite the wave maker in the field of advertisement, and business overall. He has never shied away from confronting stereotypes and topics that seem set in stone. He is passionate about spreading his knowledge and twenty years’ experience of working twenty-somethings! “I want my talks to make people see things they did not realise, mostly because they’re in it too deep. After one of my talks my audience should be motivated to contribute something to their environment. This can be things in their personal life, at their job, as an employer, employee or as a brand. Things are moving so fast that I want to make sure people don’t fall behind. Through my talks I want people to change the way they handle things. I want to wake people up.”

Using his voice to speak for and about young people, Benoit Van Cauwenberghe really wants to change thought patterns regarding Millennials, GenZ or youth in general. “Every part of their life; communicating towards them, making strong brands for them, working with them (HR), and even what they should do in their career. I do this based on research like most people, but combine it with 10 years of practical experience working with young people. In infuse these talks with a lot of creativity and inspiration as well.

What fascinates Benoit Van Cauwenberghe are the changes that are following so rapidly in the world of young people. “It is quite remarkable. As soon as you think you understand them they’re already onto something new that you should try to understand. It’s also the first time an age group has had such a huge impact on the world. They have forced brands to go from push communication to pull communication. They are the first generation that has an influence on the behaviours of a generation before them. I believe in young people. Not only for what they can do at the moment, but what they could do in the future. I believe in their potential.”

We are happy to work with Benoit, and we’ll be keeping you posted on his public speaking and other work!