Speakersbase is happy to announce that we have started with our PRO project! In it, we will be helping a small selection of hand-picked experts to get on stage more. Get to know the PROs! Today: Gerrie Smits!

Gerrie Smits is passionate about blockchain, and many other things. He wants to speed up the time in which the possibilities of the blockchain are implemented in our society! “Nothing motivates me more than understanding the impact of digital technology, on businesses, people, society,… And talks and workshops are a good means to bring across my learnings and to help people look at things from a different perspective. Overall, I aspire for people to look beyond the tech, and that’s particularly true in my pet subject, blockchain.”

Human-centric tech?

While something like the blockchain might be a technical or technological advance, Gerrie sees things differently. He is fascinated by the possibilities when it comes to humans. “I combine human-centric thinking with an intense curiosity for digital. I understand Blockchain well from a technical point of view, and then add value by looking at the impact on people, organisations, business models,…  On a broader level, I call my approach Strategy for a Digital World. Starting from ‘users’, how can technology help to fix problems and create opportunities for people? And how can businesses be built around that?”

So it really is all about the way digital technology has an impact on business and society. “We’re only at the beginning of realising the how, what and why. It’s exciting to be part of that and take part in the conversation around that. That’s also why I’ve been focusing on Blockchain lately. Because it touches on core aspects of life, like trade, identity, trust, reputation,… I’ve described Blockchain as W(p)TF, which stands for Wondrous and (possibly) Totally Fundamental.”

We are happy to work with Gerrie, and we’ll be keeping you posted on his public speaking and other work!