Speakersbase is happy to announce that we have started with our PRO project! In it, we will be helping a small selection of hand-picked experts to get on stage more. Get to know the PROs! Today: Harry Van Hest!

Harry Van Hest is a staple in the Belgian public speaking world. Founder of the first public speaking agency in Belgium, and a coach and speaker himself, Harry has changed the way people regard public speaking today. “I love how I can help people to change the way they perceive their daily life, their job and even at the world around them. I’ve had the privilege to inspire and motivate people for more than 25 years now, and I (and they) love it! Thát is what gets me up every morning!”

True passion

As a public speaker and coach, Harry has an energy and passion that leaves no one in the crowd unaffected! “The best feedback, the best compliment, is that after each of my keynotes, people come tell me that they feel inspired and energetic. I especially love it when they tell me they are happy with the tools that enable them to keep this up.”

Harry Van Hest excels in communication and motivation techniques. “I help people to improve their influential communication. Additionally, I help people to motivate themselves and the people around them on a daily basis. I do this by sharing how people can embrace change. It is so important to show people how they can better focus on things that really matter. For example, how they can communicate with impact. Or how they can team up, with their colleagues, suppliers, clients and even with their partner and kids.”

We are happy to work with Harry, and we’ll be keeping you posted on his public speaking and other work!