Speakersbase is happy to announce that we have started with our PRO project! In it, we will be helping a small selection of hand-picked experts to get on stage more. Get to know the PROs! Today: Pieter Van Leugenhagen!

Pieter van Leugenhagen is a VR expert, and co-founder of the first VR company in Belgium: yondr. He aims to change the world’s perception of VR as just a buzzword, or only suitable for video games. “I would love to spread the word of VR and to express the yondr / VRTL opinion on the future of virtual reality and all its endless possibilities. The main reason I love public speaking is to connect with people globally. I love telling people avout yondr as an agency and VRTL as an online education platform for all things cinematic VR.”

A true immersive marketing evangelist and a visionary strategist, Pieter has been at the helm of virtual reality entrepreneurship since 2014. He has successfully ventured beyond the gimmick by exploring many applications in different industries and verticals. “We’ve been surfing the Gartner Hype curve now for almost 5 years, so I have quite an idea where the industry is going and how far we are from the plateau of productivity.”

Not just a buzzword

Virtual reality is continuously being listed as one of the “buzzword bingo” words, but Pieter deeply believes in the power and possibilities it has. “I want people to open up to a more in-depth knowledge. What it is, how it can be used, how it can create value, and even will conquer the world! VR could be seen as a technology or used as a medium to tell story. What about storytelling in VR and how does a production workflow look like. Why is it different from 2D video or stories and is it actually that different?”

Virtual reality should not stay in the buzzword zone, according to Pieter. “I think it’s interesting to discuss how VR was surfing on the hype cycle, but suddenly disappeared in this year’s edition. Media- & Tech leaders are talking about VR as the next big computing platform, but only half of the global population has ever had a VR experience. I think it’s great to inspire people with VR solutions and practical applications with a proven ROI.”

We are happy to work with Pieter, and we’ll be keeping you posted on his public speaking and other work!