Podcast Episode 22: “How to automate your speaker sales funnel” with Sudha Mani

Mar 5, 2019 | Podcast

Our guest today is Sudha Mani based in Scotland. Sudha is an expert in Sales Funnel Automation and chatbots. Sudha has 24 years of experience consulting for public, private, investment and financial services sector streamlining their processes, setting up enterprise architecture and programme management. Sudha’s articles are featured in many online and offline journals.

As speakers, we tend to wear many hats. Not only have we to deliver our talk, we also have to make sure that the bookings and other sales keep coming. This is where automation can help and Sudha is going to tell us how. Sudha also shares her experience when it comes to recovering from a speech that goes wrong.

Sudha also has a freebie for you today which you can download here.