Podcast Episode 23: Creating Speaking Industry Transparency with Kristian Ravn

Mar 19, 2019 | Podcast

In this episode of the Speakersbase podcast our host Johnny welcomes Kristian Ravn from Speakersloft!

Kristian does really interesting work at SpeakersLoft. They are really focused on creating more speaking industry transparency, and on this episode, he shares some fascinating statistics from his latest research.

In fact, SpeakersLoft have a really interesting report coming out on the 1st of April! The International Fee Levels where they analysed more than 37,000 real deals including more than 2,700 speakers. This report will cost 89 US Dollars from the 1st of April. However, you can pre-order it today for just $39.

Get in contact with Kristian on LinkedIn, and join the SpeakersLoft LinkedIn Group

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Speakersloft analyzed more than 37.000 real deals including more than 2700 speakers. Find knowledge not available anywhere else.

“We have something no one else has: Access to real life sales data from countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The United States, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, France, Germany and Switzerland. What gets us really excited is the idea of bringing all this knowledge to public speakers around the world. We need your help, to keep us asking the right question. For this reason, subscribers become part of our community, where we’ll explore more in-depth.”

Kristian Ravn

Managing Director at Speakersloft