Before Speakersbase acquired the Irish start-up Speakific, they had already hosted thirteen episodes of their public speaking podcast. This post compiles all of them. A treat for the curious listener who wants some more information on all things public speaking!

Feel free to browse the previous podcasts, except number 1. That podcast just introduced why Speakific (now Speakersbase) wanted to host a podcast. From episode 2 onward the great public speaking content starts!

Episode 2: ‘How to network and follow up effectively’ with Alec Drew


In this episode we speak with Alec Drew from A Keen Eye for Detail. Alec is a business coach with over 35 years’ experience, an author, and an international professional speaker. Alec is the current President of the Professional Speaking Association Ireland (the fastest growing region in the PSA). In this interview Alec shares his insights on networking effectively and how to conduct an effective follow-up meeting.

Episode 3: ‘How great marketing works’ with Finola Howard

In this episode we speak with Finola Howard from How Great Marketing Works. Finola is a Brand Builder, a Marketing Strategist, a Practitioner, a Speaker & Founder of How Great Marketing Works. In this interview Finola shares her experience and advice around marketing and creating an online course.

Episode 4:  ‘How to Network Effectively’ with Sean Weafer

In this episode we welcome Sean Weafer to the show. In addition to speaking, Sean provides coaching and training for experts and professionals to help them become highly trusted and inclusive networkers, presenters, business developers, leaders and influencers. So today, Sean shares some valuable insights about effective networking.

Episode 5: ‘How to deliver an effective presentation’ with Eric Fitzpatrick

In this episode, we welcome Eric Fitzpatrick from ARK Speaking and Training to the show. In addition to being an experienced keynote speaker, Eric also delivers training and coaching on speaking, presentations skills and sales. Eric shares some valuable insights on effective presentations and some nuggets from his great book ‘Persuade on Purpose’.

Episode 6: ‘How to increase your visibility on Facebook’ with Juliette Stapleton

In this episode we welcome Juliette Stapleton to the show. Juliette is a visibility strategist and host of Show Up! Stand Out! Visibility Interview Series for Entrepreneurs. Juliette is also a Digital Marketing Consultant, with over 15 years’ experience in Facebook visibility coaching, digital marketing, WordPress website design.She also has a number of online courses and programmes that you should definitely check out. In this interview, Juliette shares with you

  • Why using your Facebook Personal Profile is paramount for growing your audience online?
  • How much activity is enough to build your audience on Facebook?
  • Why do Facebook Business pages fail?
  • Some tips on speaking online with Facebook Live

You can also take a visibility quiz for free on her website at and join her Facebook Group called Social Media Visibility That Gets Clients.

Episode 7: ‘Are you sure you’re GDPR compliant? with Phil Byrne

In this episode we are joined by Phil Byrne to discuss GDPR.

Phil is an expert in implementing ISO Systems with a specific focus on Quality, Information Security and Business Continuity. He is a practicing certification auditor for a number of ISO standards including ISO 270001 which is the most relevant one for GDPR. Phil is also acting Data Protection Officer for a number of his client companies.

What is GDPR and who does it impact and why? What are some of the most common mistakes he has seen people make coming up to the 25th of May and may still be making? And what should we be doing, specifically if we have email lists and we want to continue to grow and use them as part of our marketing and sales strategy? Phil also explains positive affirmation and its importance in addition to highlighting the critical difference between data controller which is us and data processor which is typically some third party software as a service.

Episode 8: ‘How to master your mindset for success’ with Lee Tunney-Ware

This episode, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Lee Tunney-Ware Lee (also known as Leon) is an entrepreneur and has a fascinating perspective on mindset. He shares with us how he developed his mindset, turned negatives into positives, turned weaknesses into strengths including simple techniques we can use in our everyday lives and in our speaking. Lee also owns Westport Adventure Park which caters for corporate team building events.

Episode 9: ‘How to grow your business through speaking’with Moira Ní Ghallachóir

This episode, Moira Ní Ghallachóir. Moira is an international 6-figure business coach from Donegal, in the northwest corner of Ireland.Moira helps small business owners and entrepreneurs inspire their way to more sales, success and freedom.In this interview, Moira shares with us how she has grown her business through speaking and how you can do the same.

Episode 10: Public speaking tips with mark pooler

In this episode, we welcome Mark Pooler who is based in the UK.Mark helps speakers and coaches build and monetize their business through his Brilliance Programme. Mark recently published a book entitled ‘Tips to create the life you desire’ which is available on Amazon. In this interview, Mark shares some of his public speaking experience including what to focus on and the common mistakes to avoid.

Episode 11: ‘Sources of Motivation’ with Nikki Bradley

In this episode we welcome the inspirational Nikki Bradley from The Motivation In this interview Nikki shares with us how she remains motivated every day in addition to taking on physical challenges on a regular basis despite being a permanent crutch user. Nikki also gives us advice on how we can be more authentic in our public speaking. Nikki is also taking part in a 4 peak challenge on the 21st of July.

Episode 12: ‘Design the life you deserve’ with Moira Geary

In this episode we welcome our guest, Moira Geary. Moira shares some wonderful insights and advice from her vast experience that will help you identify the life you want and how to start taking the right steps to achieving it.Moira also has a lot of experience when it comes to creating online programmes and getting out of the ‘time for money’ trap. So, if you are thinking about creating or already have your own online course or programme, this part of the interview is especially for you.During the interview, Moira also shares some great tips about the benefits of being a panelist at a seminar and the distinction between being trainer and speaker when on the stage.

Episode 13: ‘Twitter Tips for Speakers’ with Samantha Kelly

In this episode we welcome Samantha Kelly, also known as the Tweeting Goddess.Samantha grew her business and profile using Twitter and now gets asked to speak at events both in Ireland and abroad.In our discussion today, Samantha shares a number of great tips both for speakers and event organisers.