Every year around this time the articles pop up: “Is it Bad to Make New Year’s Resolutions?” And every year, it is unclear what the conclusion is. Now here is the Speakersbase take on this hot topic… We also compiled 5 tips on how to make 2019 your best public speaking year yet!

It is human nature to use bench marks and significant moments to track a life, and the start of a new year feels especially refreshing. In the Northern Hemisphere there is the added element of the time of year. It is the dead of winter, and dispelling the darkness through hope and resolutions feels good. Nothing like thinking about what you want to achieve in the upcoming year to motivate you and see the light at the end of the winter.

Regardless of clichés like “resolutions” and equally cliché statements like “every day is a moment to reinvent yourself!”, using this time for reflection does not harm you. How could it? Sitting down and setting goals can really help you be more productive! There are some rules though, if you want to succeed.

Set small goals

No, we do not mean that the end goal needs to be small. What matters is that you break down your big goal into smaller ones. That way it seems less impossible, you feel less discouraged, and will not give up as fast. Because the goal is to achieve those goals! Not to feel defeated when thinking about your dream. As the saying goes: “If your dreams don’t scare you a little, they are not big enough.” So dream big! By setting small, tangible goals you will be able to reach them all.

Make a plan

One of the reasons why 80% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions by February is a lack of planning. It is incredibly important to not just say “I want to become a successful public speaker”, but to plan out how you are going to get there. Will you need to make better slides? Will you need to focus on marketing? Will you need to make new connections? Think it through, and then, like stated in tip 1, break it down! Better slides are the result of improving your speech, thinking up some new analogies, finding good images, looking for inspiration, choosing a style,… and many more things. One thing at a time!

Space out your resolutions

Of course we all want to lose 5 pounds, get 7 new bookings and write 2 new speeches by the time February rolls around, but that is just not realistic. The key to success with such ambitious resolutions is to space them out. Going with my example above, you might want to plan for January to lose 2 pounds, write one new speech, and start actively promote yourself. In February, you plan to lose another 2 pounds, continue your promotions, and secure 3 bookings. And so on and so on.

By setting new goals each month that work towards several large goals, you keep that motivation high. Besides, you know the saying “Motivation gets you started, but dedication keeps you going”? Dedicate yourself to your goals! Spacing them out is an excellent way to dedicate yourself to your dreams over the course of a year.

Time to network

Networking is the way to greatness, some might say. And while presenting yourself as an experienced, well-prepared, and professional public speaker are all very essential steps in the process, it really is a good idea to network with people that can connect you. These people can be fellow public speakers, event organizers, and even audience members. All that matters is that you are letting people know that you are a public speaker! One great way to do that is by creating a free portfolio on Speakersbase, filling it with your amazing content, and sharing the link! We’ve seen that sharing your link is an easy way to increase portfolio views and booking requests!

Get to work!

Our final and best tip might be… to just get started! All the planning in the world cannot help you when you undertake no steps to get those bookings you want. So sit down with some paper or your laptop, think long and hard about what you want to achieve this year, and start planning! By using our tips you are sure to create a plan that is realistic and that will help you grow.

So, what are your public speaking resolutions? Or did you not make any? 😉