This week’s Speaker in the Spotlight is Ben Urbain, a creative marketing brain that has been transforming the Belgian marketing world through branding. With his company he wants to change how companies present themselves to the world and their customers.

A background in graphic design and a passion for marketing combine perfectly in Ben Urbain. His approach is no nonsense and based on listening to the company that comes to him for branding. When listening to the client they say they need one thing, but really, they mean something else. And Ben is excellent at figuring out what they really need. When they ask for a logo, they probably need a brand strategy.

With Ben has been changing how branding is viewed in Belgium and abroad. Loves how good design and branding creates a narrative that tells the customer more about your company than anything else. What are you about? For whom? Why is your brand what it is? Branding tells your story. And telling the story of your brand with visual cues and a uniform look is what does best.

Ben Urbain uses his decade of experience to craft beautiful brandguides and to set the companies that knock on his door apart. Rushing though the process of creating your brand is not doing anyone any favors.

Check Ben out on his websites and