Some Wednesday Wisdom – 3 Books worth speaking about

May 8, 2019 | Wednesday Wisdom

As part of our #WednesdayWisdom, we are going to highlight some books written by speakers here on Speakersbase (who are also Content Contributors). Remember, if you would like to be a Content Contributor and avail of some free promotion, please click here to register.

The Change Mindset - Survival kit for professionals in change by Cyriel Kortleven

In times of disruptive change, we need professionals with an agile mindset. We need people who dare to leave their comfortzone and suspend their judgement. We need people who explore the world from a different perspective and can turn problems into opportunities. We need people who get into action and who aren’t scared to fail fast, often and forward by experimenting with BaNaNo actions.

Persuade on Purpose - Create Presentations that Influence and Engage by Eric Fitzpatrick

The definitive guide to making effective presentations by one of Ireland’s most successful speakers on the subject. By combining all his research and ideas on what makes an effective presentation, Eric Fitzpatrick has compiled the ‘Presentation Scorecard’, which itemises all the things that a speaker needs to consider when making a presentation. He has summed up the key points with the acronym ‘TRUE’: the presentation should make your audience THINK, should be easy to REMEMBER and UNDERSTAND and should ENGAGE the audience.

Engaging Leadership - 3 Agendas for Sustaining Achievement by Didier Marlier

“Engaging Leadership” has been written for leaders about to engage themselves, their teams and their organization into a major change, as a consequence of a new strategic intent, the desire for a new company’s culture, a painful reorganization or the integration following a merger or acquisition. Its key message is that those leaders have to work on three agendas at the same time, if they wish to succeed in their project:

  • Logos (Intellectual/Strategic agenda)
  • Ethos (Behavioural/Leadership agenda)
  • Pathos (Emotional/Motivational agenda)