Hi Anthony, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Let’s jump right into it, shall we? Could you tell us more about how you started out as a public speaker?

Well, I started to work for Shopplanets.com a few years ago. It was (then) the first shopping Mall of Belgium, a predecessor of Storesquare. Since we were disrupting the e-commerce market, I had to give presentations and keynotes about the importance of bringing a hybrid story to entrepreneurs and business people. Did you know that combining online and offline sales make for a higher revenue, a better bonding process with your client, and a better UX?

It makes sense, especially in this time and age of digitalization. I suppose you could speak hours about these topics?

Yes! I really have a thing for e-commerce and online shopping, given my background. Besides that, I’m passionate about digital marketing, ambassador marketing and LinkedIn.
Those last three topics are the three I talk the most about in my speeches and workshops.

So besides e-commerce and digital marketing, you’re also a personal branding expert?

I’m really a believer of the power of LinkedIn: how to create interaction, engagement and credibility on LinkedIn is something that is on my mind almost 24/7.

Sounds amazing! So when you are asked to speak in front of an audience, how much of your time do you spend preparing your keynote or workshop?

Well, it depends. I don’t have a standardized keynote or template to be honest. I always try to make a tailor-made presentation for each speech. Sometimes, and mostly in the case of presentations about LinkedIn, I just refer to the website and use that as a guideline through my presentation.

When are you happy about one of your public speaking gigs?

It really feels great when people come up to me after my presentation and they ask me questions about my presentation. I even have had sometimes when people asked me to brainstorm about the topic. That really is a great feeling when you get to hear that!

Is there an accomplishment as a public speaker that you would like to share with us?

Sure! When I worked at Goudengids.be, I organized Digital Days which lead to a lot of people who asked me for advice and consultancy. One day, I started to optimize my personal branding on LinkedIn and connected with everyone who I met at meetings, keynotes, workshops, … Since then, my network keeps growing and growing which results in a number of public speaking opportunities. People now know me as an expert and dare to ask me for help. That’s a great feeling and accomplishment!

Did your experience as a professional help you aas a public speaker?

Totally, because I had the opportunity to go deep in certain topics. That made me someone who could speak confidently, and even with a certain feeling of proudness. This also makes that you’ll only base your ideas on experience and knowledge of the market. People see and feel that when you’re on stage!

So by practicing what you preach, you become more confident on stage. Got it!


Okay Anthony, we’re almost running out of time. Is there anything that you still want to accomplish as a public speaker?

I would love to talk at a TEDx Event about UX and the consumer funnel, and the way it’s going to be in the future in an e-commerce and online shoppping environment. There are a lot of things I want to accomplish as a public speaker: Webtomorrow, The Next Web, …

Ambitious, I like it. I think that’s the best way to end the interview on a high note. Thank you for your time, Anthony!

No worries, thank you for having me!

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