Hi Cécile, how did you start out speaking publicly?

Cécile Cremer

“It is actually a funny story, because I studied trend-research and creative concept design. That is where I also learned public speaking. The real skills and passion for it I actually developed long before that. I loved being on a stage as a kid, singing, dancing, making music, I’ve done it all and the kick of the spotlights drove me to be the best I could. So it wasn’t too astonishing when I went to the Theater Academy after conducting a degree in music school. That is where I learned a lot about stage present, voice, attitude, posture and much more. It was first then that I started studying trends & concept design but it has been forever since I have that stage desire, because it gives me that feeling of being able to contribute to a bigger cause. During my education I turned out to be a good keynote speaker and I started to do it more and more whenever I got a chance, also outside of my university. It was my lucky day when the right people started noticing me and I just get asked now from Amsterdam to Dubai, for which I am tremendously thankful. ”

What is your best advice for speakers who are just starting out?

“Just do it and be confident in yourself. You don’t need to be arrogant but you just have to believe in what you are telling the audience. That is why I love to talk about subjects that I can either really relate to or that are very personal, because you are telling a story from the heart instead of the mind. Moreover, make mistakes and laugh about them. Because they will make you loosen up. For example I once asked in my speech for a big corporate business that had the name of two guys ‘as if they were actually still alive’ while they were in the audience… Instead of being totally burned on the spot, they all started laughing and clapping, the ice was broken. Moral of this advice, be yourself instead of trying to be something you are not, people will recognize the realness and they will love it.”

Which speaker blew your mind when you saw him/her speak for the first time?

“I actually do not even know her name anymore, it was in my first year at university and I was selected to go to a big digital innovation event in Stuttgart. There was a lady who just was so powerfull and authentic, she came up and just had the whole audience eating from her hand. She kicked out her high heels as she felt they were distracting her. Just 100% authentic and herself and that made a big impression on me, that you don’t have to be a polished perfect speaker. You just have to have something that everybody can connect with and in this world I believe that is realness.”

What is your best memory as a public speaker?

fdaab9951ca1469ec4ae7ecb0db37605“That must have been my first TEDx Talk, I am quite the perfectionist so I am nearly never totally and utterly satisfied with my achievements, but this was one of my biggest talks ever and also the first time I left the stage feeling 100% satisfied, I’ve done and said exactly what I wanted to say. Moveover, at that point I wasn’t even interested to  know what others thought about it. It was a story straight from my heart and afterwards I understood that it touched a lot of people in the audience. Best thing ever.”

Why do you think Speakersbase is the right platform for speakers all over the world?

“One thing I hate in the professional world, and especially in more visbile and on-the-spot professions is the extreme competition, the ‘i’m not sharing’ attitude of many. I, on the other hand, believe that through connection we can strengthen each other, and I do not believe in such a thing as competion, because nobody will tell or do what I do and I won’t be an exact copy of anybody else. If you believe in your core strengths there is a place for everybody. Speakersbase for me is the haystack where all the speakers are needles that are being made visible through the platform. A form of visibility which is hardly every reachable by one person, but by forming a front you can reach out to a way bigger platform. As long as it doesn’t become too big of a platform where there are more speakers than you have time to too choose out of.”

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