An online platform is only as strong as the community based around it. Every week, we ask a speaker to share his/her experience in public speaking with our community. This weeks speaker is Jeffrey Peel, managing director at Quadriga Consulting Ltd.

How did you start out speaking publicly?

Jeffrey Peel

Jeffrey Peel

“I remember having to make a presentation in front of large business in audience when I was in my early 20s. I was very disappointed with my own performance. As a result, I booked some classes with a speech and drama teacher and asked him to train me – to make me a good public speaker. It was an excellent investment. For several weeks I got to speak in my tutor’s dining room and he critiqued my performances. But it gave me the confidence I needed. Since then I’ve spoken to many audiences – some very large ones. I’ve also appeared regularly in the media. Sometimes these media appearances are in front of a pretty big studio audience. But getting that early confidence (and training) made me a better speaker.”

What is your best advice for speakers who are just starting out?

“My advice would be to prepare, but not to write the speech. Try structuring your thoughts about what you want to say and then create a framework that you can talk around. But the best way to become a good speaker is to get out and do it. But, of course, having something interesting to say makes it easier to get speaking gigs. Therefore, taking a strong position on something and adding some personality to an opinion creates an in-demand speaker.”

Which speaker blew your mind when you saw him/her speak for the first time?

Daniel Hannan, MEP

Daniel Hannan, MEP

“Without question it was Daniel Hannan MEP.  He is one of the finest orators of his generation and his command of the English language (and his incredible vocabulary) make him one of the finest political speakers.”

What is your best memory as a public speaker?

“I was very honoured to be a guest on BBC Radio 4 Any Questions, hosted by Jonathan Dimbleby. It was fascinating to meet Jonathan and the other speakers on the panel – and to actually get the opportunity to take part in such an iconic radio programme.”

Why do you think Speakersbase is the right platform for speakers all over the world?

“Having a cloud based platform, without boundaries, seems to be a very sensible way to go. It will, hopefully, build into a great resource to give event organisers a means of identifying the correct speaker for the right event.”

We’re doing our best to make that happen! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, Jeffrey!

Be sure to check out Jeffrey on Speakersbase, LinkedIn and Twitter! His speaking topics are behavioral economics, digital governance, european policy, social media, free markets, content marketing and thought leadership.

If you want to listen to Jeffrey’s appearance on BBC Radio 4 Any Questions, just click the play button down below!