In this Speaker’s Profile we are having a chat with Yoav Nir, author of Game-Changing Innovation and entrepreneur, about his experiences as a public speaker!

Hi Yoav, great to have you here, how are you?
Good, thank you! How are you?

Great, thanks for asking. Now, how did you start as a public speaker?
I did a lot of presentations across the globe during my time at Barco, and I always enjoyed them. When I went freelance, I knew I wanted to keep on speeching.

Did your previous professional experience helped you as a public speaker? If so, how?
Oh yes. I did a lot of presentations and video recordings. You really learn to condense and convey a message both live and in front of a camera.

I can imagine doing speeches for a company is not the same as what you cover now. So what are the topics you are passionate about?
Everything and anything that has to do with innovation, especially game changing innovation. Not just the thinking of amazing products, but actually how to market them successfully.

So are your workshops and speeches on a similar topic?
They are! They address the theme of Game-changing Innovation, on which I wrote my book. How companies can use a number of simple techniques and strategies to increase the possibilities of their product’s future success.

You have over 20 years of experience, so I think you are the person to ask for public speaking tips. According to you, what quality should any good public speaking have?
Thank you! Well, first of all, they should know what they are talking about. Understanding your own topic to a T. Second, they should be able to tell their story in a credible manner. People must believe you! (laughs)

Very true! What is your advice for public speakers that are just starting out?
Try to speech a lot, get some experience. Actually learn from your experience – and mistakes! – and if you can, find a good coach.

Practical advice! What should they do to become successful?
Persevere, rehearse, learn from every speech you give and watch, and never stop improving yourself.

That is very inspiring! What would be a good starting point for those newbie public speakers?
I think Speakersbase is really helpful for those just starting out. Building your portfolio is very important.

Well thank you for all that excellent advice. When are you satisfied about a speech you did?
When I can make the audience laugh at least a couple of times, and if they reach out to me after the speech.

How much time do you take to prepare for a speaking gig?
Hmm, that really depends… The most challenging assignments to prepare for are the really short ones (10-18 minutes)! You have to rethink your entire narrative to make it fit the given time.

What public speaker has inspired you the most and why?
As a your intrapreneur I once attended a motivational speech by Robert Van de Walle. It discussed success, failure, modesty and self-reflection. It made a huge impact on me. I want to inspire others in a similar manner.

Quite the goal. So what speaker should other speakers definitely have seen, and why?
Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk “Do Schools kill creativity” is incredibly funny and inspiring at the same time, so that is a must-watch!

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement as a public speaker so far?
Hard to say… I am proud of the keynote on Virtual Reality for KBC-Bolero. But I also had a lot of fun at TEDxUHasselt.

And finally, a little look into the future: do you have any public speaking goals?
Not too long ago my father had a heart attack when I was present. I would like to give a speech on this topic, to encourage others to follow First Aid classes. Everyone needs to know what to do when such a moment occurs, so they can hopefully save a life.

Thank you so much for your time, Yoav!
Thanks for having me.

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