Many of us who browsed the internet looking for inspiration to change our mindset regarding challenges, encountered Cyriel Kortleven at some point. He has written several books which address the difficulties one might bump into on this journey. As a renowned public speaker with a lot of international experience, being the first Belgian Certified Speaking Professional, Cyriel set his mind to changing the mindset of others.


In his most recent book, The Change Mindset, Cyriel wants to address what he has discovered regarding the current business mindset. Just one of the things that Cyriel noticed when dealing with business professionals, is the word “no”. Not “no” in the useful way, like “no, I did not know, but please tell me more”, but “no” in the way of “no, my idea is better”. What was so striking to Cyriel about this use of the word no, is that it left no room for discussion and new thought.

So Cyriel took it upon himself to start addressing this issue. Not a first time author, having published Less is Beautiful and Yes and… Your Business, he started to compile his thoughts, experiences, and observations into The Change Mindset. It reflects who Cyriel is as a speaker. He is ever mindful of staying relevant and concrete to his audience. He is not the type of public speaker to blow the audience away with new buzzwords and then leave. No, Cyriel never shies away from offering tools that will help the audience apply the techniques he discusses. So the book is similarly created! This book is wonderfully captivating, easy to read, and offers practical advice and insights.

practical advice

Where inspirational speakers, futurists, and change managers deliver amazingly motivating speeches, they sometimes forego the practicalities. Cyriel wants to offer a hand in the application of what inspired you. How to handle the buzzwords through practical exercises, tools, and methods that will help anyone and any business to really achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves.

Speakersbase is happy to host Cyriel’s book launch of The Change Mindset! Want to attend? The book launch is on November 12th 2018 at The Hive in Ghent (Dendermondsesteenweg 39 A-001, 9000 Gent, Belgium) Entrance fee: €20, which will get you the launch, the book, and two drinks! REGISTER HERE!