[VIDEO] Words to Remove for Speakers with Loren Weisman

May 23, 2019 | Knowledgebase, Thursday Talk Tip

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Here is the video transcript.

“to ignite authenticity is not to say I’m authentic, but showcase the authenticity”

Hi, this is Loren Weisman. On behalf of speakers base.com with a one-take takeaway speakers based.com where speakers learn how to increase their impact, income and influence. Today’s one takeaway is the words or are the words that we want to avoid and the spaces that are okay when we’re presenting when we’re speaking. Right now, one of the things to draw the influence, to ignite authenticity is not to say I’m authentic, but showcase the authenticity, showcase the authority and remove the hype and some of the filler words. Give you an example. ‘I’d like to tell you the truth’ ‘Can I be honest with you?’Let me tell you the truth’ While it could come off a little bit semantic, it also can in a sense, with people that are being inundated with false information, hype, empty motivation, inspiration that leads to no information, it can make them sense that you’re lying.

“Be that person to just share the truth”

Now I know that’s not your intention, but that mental perception in the walls that come up from our audiences online to the theatres, to the auditoriums, these are things to things to consider and these are things to take away, so I want to tell you the truth. Be that person to just share the truth. Don’t supplement or embellish a powerful statement with something that could be viewed as derogatory or taking it down a notch. Same thing. Can I be honest with you? Be honest with your audience across the board to the point that you don’t need to add. Can I be honest with you? A couple of other things to think about too. Just let’s lose just, I just want to tell you, there we put the just and the want. This is the information that I’m putting across, just not about wanting to tell you.

“don’t add the fluff on either side”

It’s kind of that vibe too where you think, man, ‘I really want to apologize to you’. Why don’t you just directly apologize and in that same way to be direct with your audience, don’t add the fluff on either side. The really, I really want this. I want this. Everything that you deliver on stage, whether you’re delivering for two and a half minutes, five minutes, 45 55 an hour presentation, let that all be part of it. I’m excited to share. Let’s try to drop the I’m excited to share stuff. You are excited about all information that you have. You are empowering, you are informing. I hope you are sharing information, so let’s remove the excited part and then a very common word right now. Actually, I actually am x, I am x. I am y this is a, B, c, this is x, y, z.

“lose the ums, the ams, the ahs. It’s okay to pause in front of an audience”

All of that brings up an, it might not seem like you notice it or that they notice it, but there is that psychological element. There’s that support element that’s there’s that security element in feeling that you’re not trying to fill in a blank, but you’re delivering the most authentic, most authoritative information from your expertise or your knowledge base. We also last thing, lose the ums, the ams, the ahs. It’s okay to pause in front of an audience. A lot of people said, we can’t stop for a second. You absolutely can stop. You can command your audience in silence just as you do in your words, it is okay to pause on stage. It’s okay to pause inside of a radio interview, a TV interview, not too long a pause, but it doesn’t need to be filled with ums, ams and ahs. Again, this is Lauren Wiseman on behalf of speakersbase.com with a couple ideas to ignite, to push forward the authenticity and the authority in you while you reduce certain words, certain phrases, certain fillers that semantically, psychologically and just because of the oversaturation of a lot of the fakes that are out there can turn your listeners and your audience in a different direction. Keep them with you by showcasing the authenticity and the expertise in your message and in your presence.

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